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hi my name's brittani and I love fashion kpop .smtowner.soshi .15. I love Snsd, they are my ultimate bias. I also love f(x)
t-ara, apink, kara, and basically any girl group and I also like shinee and 2pm and I have love k-indie as well as regular indie and alternative FTP, Friendly Fires,Two Door cinema club etc. That's it .
A little something about f(x) and red velvet…

2014: Has been a very rough year for kpop from sucky releases to scandals. It has been extremely rough f(x) this year from sulli to overall neglect of the group. I wont say they got it worst than any other group because they don’t.(They didn’t have to deal with a drug scandal/diss or members leaving).Despite the whole situation with sulli, I really do feel f(x) is blessed. They still preserved even when amber was absent and made it through,so i have no doubt that they will be fine with sulli M.I.A. Alot of f(x) fans have stated their opinions so clearly that even people outside the fandom know are issues and woes.For all those who fight constantly for f(x) to be treated with respect,thank you. You make quiet fans like me very happy.

I know there are as many fans that are excited to see a new girl group in sm (but also a lot that oppose). I personally am still very excited for the new group and despite all the scandals around red velvet.The song is very catchy.

Even though some f(x) fans feel they have it worst than other sm groups. F(x) never had a shitty debut like red velvet.F(x) much like exo had teasers that made the audience want to see more of them and anticipate their debut.


Red velvet teasers  were mostly catering to the sm rookie audience or those interested rather than kpop in general. I personally thought that since they were trainees/rookies they would debuting 2 years down the road. The teasers gave me the feel of were not ready yet but keep an eye on us and we will grow and prosper! Also not mention that only 3 out of the four girls actually got some sort of spotlight! (poor Joy)! And even with these teasers I didn’t actually know what was going I personally thought Wendy was a solo artist similar to j-min. And I thought that seulgi and irene were a sub unit!Two completely different things. 


On The video with seulgi and Irene many thought these two would be a duo by themselves keep in mind also that this is prior to debut before people knew what was going on. Just as there were many fans that knew  what was going on, there were many that didn’t know what was going on.image

Also not to mention that all the teasers were released for Seulgi, Irene and Wendy under “SM ROOKIES” Which means to me that sm had a different purpose for these girls. The four girls never actually had really cool teasers under their actual name RED VELVET like other sm artist that showcase their special abilities or the concept. Which was just wrong on so many levels.

So in that sense red velvet were kind of screwed over.

My theory: I honestly think the girls were never meant to debut so early and so crapily, and personally not together. I really do think that Seulgi and Irene where meant to be seperate as a duo/SUBUNIT and Wendy as a solo but still all under the SM Rookies branch. While at the same time Sm was looking for members to debut in its new gg.  

Red velvet debut was not just badly done but very random. Why now?

People like to claim that "sm pushed f(x) aside to for something new and fresh" But I feel like its “lets debut a new gg so people can shy their eyes to whats going on in our company!” I mean after all sm has been taking a beating from dating scandalS to kris leaving to lawsuits and sulli. I’m about to make a weird analogy so bare with me. When I first got into kpop sm was the uptight girl who kept up with all her agendas was on time and knew what to do when to do it. Eventually she went to college and she changed alot now she doesn’t care who sees her puking outside the sorority house or if she gets a bad rep for sleeping with men.I hope that made sense. But basically sm used to nip their scandals in the bud  but not in 2014. They’re just a hot mess not taking care of their idols, not commenting on scandals just not taking care business the way they usually do. And also coming off as extremely insensitive.

F(x) fans do we really have it as bad as we think we do?

I mean f(x) is treated badly no doubt about it but our girls are survivors they’ve been topping the charts always bringing something to kpop and even with their shitty promotions their still doing amazing that says a lot! With that being said we may have it bad for a while but red velvet is following in our foot steps for shitty promotions!

1) Controversies! I mean I understand sm had a bad year but I feel like someone in the company just wants red velvet to suffer! And if sm chooses not comment on any scandals this year at least comment on red velvet controversies dont just let the public wonder. I feel like this truly shows how much sm cared about red velvet




Its like sm had a line up of scandals waiting for them guaranteed to give them hell. Either that or the obvious reason the didn’t put any thought into the girls concept and mv. Everything from the mv to their own name feels sloppy and half assed!

2. F(x) and every sm group had decent teasers anticipating the groups! I remember when  exo debuted fans were so tired of the teasers they just wanted to hear exo. Its the exact opposite for red velvet. Its like sm threw them at us!Leaving many fans saying “so random” instead of ” it was worth the wait their amazing!”

3. THE NAME! In kpop a name is crucial its what gets fans wanting to see the group but if their comical names with no real meaning? Why would a potential fan want to listen? In my opinion their is nothing attractive about the name red velvet its cute but when I think of the name I think of a group whose all flash and no substance and that’s farthest from the truth! f(x) name had a cool meaning with a lot of thought giving them overall a very mysterious appeal as a group. Believe it or not but names shape a group.

4. The overall concept and the mv! The mv was fail because of the controversies surrounding it and the fact that red velvet probably had three sets all together in the mv the forest,green screen and that blue set shows no dedication. Although the girls looked amazing! There were a lot of rumors going around about the group image that they would be the new this and that. But personally when I heard the song I heard an fx filler track on one of their albums. I love the song but I had to say it. sm really fucked up these girls. And the sad thing is you can never repeat a debut you only debut once and first impressions are everything. Also these girls worked too hard to as rookies to be screw over! 

6. ?? So now that I’ve talked about the concept my biggest question now is what red velvet image/concept? Because if I don’t know who else doesn’t know? And i’m afraid for that because if sm doesn’t know their concept they might just end up throwing anything on these poor girls. Which might remind you of fx who also struggles trying to carry out their concepts! I thought f(x) would be the only group that would be screwed over but i think red velvet next in line. One big thing that both f(x) and red velvet share is that sm did not put enough effort into both groups.And if they share that similarity what else do red velvet and f(x) also share! I really do hope i’m wrong about red velvet but sm treated their debut as a distraction it only makes me assume the worst!

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